Carol and Ronald Simon have been visiting Dr. Caggiano for dental treatment in Seattle for a long time now. Carol speaks about her wonderful experience at Seattle’s Best Smiles. She feels very comfortable during her treatment and also lauds the friendly attitude of the staff members. Ronald mentions that earlier he was apprehensive about visiting dentists. However, Dr. Caggiano dispelled his fears about dentists with his top of the line dental treatment and hands on approach. Ronald is highly appreciative of the manner in which Dr. Caggiano interacts with his patients and takes care of their needs. Carol likewise mentions Dr. Caggiano’s sense of humour and ability to make patients feel comfortable during and after treatment.

Carol & Ronald Simon


For my experience has always been very good. We’ve been coming here for so many years like I’m not even sure, could be 20. And I’ve always had really great results and extremely comfortable and really happy with, it’s kind of like a family, it’s very friendly and I am very comfortable here.  I’ve been coming here for many, many years and actually I avoided going to a dentist because I was afraid of them but after my first experience with Dr. Caggiano I lost all fears and he’s been taking care of my teeth professionally and efficiently and friendly for about twenty years.  When we come in the door, people are very friendly and joking and relaxed and taking care of business and you know, very comfortable. It’s really been my experience that they know me because we talk about our family and other things besides dentistry and so we kind of developed a history with these people. So each time we come in, they always want to catch up with our family activities. The results have always been excellent. I’m, my teeth are great. Well as I said before I’ve had a lot of different kinds of things happen with my mouth and Dr. Caggiano has always been very, very forthcoming and communicating to me as to what he’s going to do as he is doing it and so all of my results have been absolutely perfect. We have actually recommended Dr. Caggiano’s practice to a number of people and I think that they’ve actually come. I think we, did we recommend this to Paula too at one point? To our daughter and ya she comes here no matter where she lives. I mean when she was going to school in Los Angeles, she would always put off any dental work until she came back to Seattle for holidays and she still comes today He has a great sense of humour. He always, Dr. Caggiano always has jokes to tell, stories to tell and he’s really easy to talk to. And the other thing about Dr. Caggiano is that anytime I’ve ever had an emergency, I’ve never waited more than 24 hours to get in here and they take care of things right away. They’re very considerate and approachable and I can’t really say enough about how much I love coming here.