Sedation Dentistry Seattle

Relax During Your Treatment with Sedation Dentistry



We do everything possible to keep our patients comfortable while they’re at our office. However, even with a dentist as caring as Dr. Caggiano, there are many people who still feel nervous when they go to the dentist. Despite trusting their dentist to manage their pain and complete needed dental work skillfully, they just can’t help feeling anxious. There are even some people who avoid going to the dentist at all because they feel so much anxiety.

If you feel dental anxiety, know that you’re not alone – and that your dentist wants to help. At Seattle’s Best Smiles, Dr. Caggiano offers sedation dentistry in Seattle to his patients. His impressive knowledge and experience in this area have led him to be called “The Sedation Dentist of Seattle.” Once you’ve experienced sedation dentistry with Dr. Mark Caggiano, you’ll never be afraid to go to the dentist again.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry helps patients with dental anxiety to relax during their dental appointments, using medications that relieve anxiety. If you choose sedation dentistry in Seattle, you’ll need to have a friend or family member drive you to and from your appointment, because the sedative makes it unsafe for you to drive. (Inhaled sedation wears off more quickly, so you’ll be able to drive yourself if you choose this type.) Depending on how much anxiety you have, you can be given the medication in various ways.

Oral Sedation

For many patients, oral medication will be enough to relieve their anxiety. You’ll be prescribed one pill of a sedative ahead of time. On the day of your appointment, you take this pill about an hour before your appointment time. That gives the medication time to start working. During your appointment, you’ll feel more relaxed and calm than usual.

Inhaled Sedation

Another option for sedation dentistry in Seattle is for your dentist to administer an inhaled sedative through a mask. The medication is called nitrous oxide, or “laughing gas.” You breathe it just before your procedure, and then your dentist will give you more as needed throughout your procedure. With inhaled sedation, you will be awake but in a dreamlike state, and will usually not remember much from your procedure. In some cases, inhaled sedation is used in combination with oral sedation.

IV Sedation

This is the strongest option, for those with severe dental anxiety. IV sedation involves putting medication directly into a vein. You’ll be completely relaxed and only semi-conscious with this type of sedation dentistry in Seattle, and will remember nothing from your procedure. We partner with a doctor licensed in IV sedation, and we will specially arrange for him to come to our office to provide IV sedation if you request this.

Is Sedation Dentistry in Seattle Right For You?

If you have dental anxiety, talk to your dentist about sedation dentistry. Dr. Mark Caggiano, the “Sedation Dentist of Seattle,” offers his patients his extensive experience in this field. He can help you determine which type of sedation you need and what’s safe for you based on your medical history. Whether you’re undergoing a regular dental appointment or complex restorative treatments, sedation dentistry can help you in many ways. If you’re considering sedation dentistry in Seattle, contact Dr. Caggiano today to schedule your appointment.