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Dentist Seattle: Sedation Dentistry Cost

At Seattle’s Best Smiles, Dr. Caggiano sees many patients who want to take advantage of his extensive experience with sedation dentistry as a dentist in Seattle. Many people have dental anxiety, and would prefer the more relaxing dental experience offered by sedation dentistry, along with the other benefits of sedation dentistry.

However, some are also concerned about the cost of their treatment. They may wonder whether the sedation dentistry cost will add to the cost of their dental treatment, and whether insurance will cover the additional cost.

What does sedation dentistry cost in Seattle?

There are several different types of dental sedation, so the sedation dentistry cost in Seattle depends on what type of sedation you choose. In general, oral sedation is the least expensive option. Inhaled sedation (nitrous oxide) costs a little bit more, and IV sedation or general anesthesia cost the most.

Which type of sedation is right for you depends on many factors, including your medical history and any other medications you may be taking regularly. If you’re concerned about the sedation dentistry cost, you should inform your dentist in Seattle of your concern about this when consulting about sedation dentistry.

Will insurance cover the sedation dentistry cost in Seattle?

Dental insurance typically covers only the cost of “medically necessary” anesthesia and sedation treatment. This includes local anesthesia (such as Novocain), and inhaled sedation or general anesthesia for complex procedures (such as oral surgery).

However, for the treatment of dental anxiety, sedation is usually not covered. This means that, in many cases, the sedation dentistry cost is not paid by insurance. However, the insurance company will still pay much of the cost of the procedure itself; the added cost of sedation is very small compared to the cost of dental care.

Typically, medical insurance plans don’t cover dental care. A separate dental insurance plan is necessary. If you’re not sure what your plan covers, please call your insurance company. For our patients, we’re happy to call your insurance company for you and find out what your coverage is for sedation dentistry in Seattle and other dental services.

Are you considering sedation dentistry in Seattle?

If you’re considering sedation dentistry, you need professional advice from a dentist to determine which type of sedation is right for you. When this decision has been made, then you can find out the exact sedation dentistry cost in Seattle and whether a portion of that cost will be covered by your insurance company. Dr. Caggiano would be happy to offer you his expert advice as a dentist in Seattle about the options you have for sedation dentistry. Please contact us to schedule your appointment.